About Lockwood Design & Construction

We’re a different kind of home builder, and proud of it! Because Lockwood Design & Construction has built thousands of homes, from affordable villas to breathtaking mansions, our company benefits from a volume purchasing advantage that ensures your home is built with the best quality material at the greatest value for your money. The trust you place in Lockwood Design & Construction is reciprocated by our professional staff of talented architects, seasoned construction managers, innovative designers and multifaceted specialists with experience in both residential and commercial development.

Our design-build process allows us to deliver

Lockwood Design & Construction has a reputation for building the best quality homes in the area and have shown our expertise with commercial construction. We have constructed multi-story office buildings, motels, medical office buildings, strip mall's, and restaurants. We put our experience, skill, and knowledge to work for you.

Mission Statement

Lockwood Design & Construction is committed to providing home buyers with new homes that have the highest quality of craftsmanship, innovative design and personalized service - all at the best possible value. Our continued mission of excellence has made Lockwood Design & Construction one of Delaware's most successful homebuilders and developers.

What Should You Expect from Lockwood?

Expect Quality

With our assembly of artisans behind the construction of your investment, you can rest assured knowing that all of the materials that we use are of the highest quality and our partners are held to the highest standard. Durability and efficiency are the keys to constructing a home built by Lockwood, and our careful development process ensures that these augmentations are accounted for your future home.

Expect Efficiency

We care about bringing you the best custom home within a secure time table that fits your schedule. Our guarantee in a capable agenda and decisive management method for your proposal ensures that you get the highest quality work and dedication we offer for the duration of your project.

Expect Reliability

One of our top priorities whenever we are building or renovating a new job is to make sure that our clients have trust in our ability to produce the results they desire. With our history of consistently successful projects and happy client endorsements, we ensure that your project will be joining a portfolio of strong relationships and successful construction undertakings.

Expect Satisfaction

When your project is completed we know that we succeeded in providing our clients with the conclusion they desire once they step foot into their new home for the first time. Our commitment to giving our clients a desired result in an effectively implemented timeframe, with the attention to detail that only a builder of our standard can produce, is a defining principle of Lockwood Design and Construction.

About Our Staff

With a staff complemented by the skills of talented architects, seasoned construction managers, innovative designers and multifaceted specialists, Lockwood brings a new wave of talent and experience to your project to keep it moving forward smoothly. Our experts are devoted to preparing quality resources and comprehensive knowledge in order to guide you down the right road to making your new home or development greater for your family, business acumen and your community.