Land & Home Packages

The Package Deal

Buying property and a Lockwood home at the same time, also called a "Land Home Package," offers some BIG advantages:

  • Conventional Financing

    Because real property is involved, a better mortgage rate may be arranged and owners can often save thousands of dollars with a conventional mortgage compared to construction loans.

  • Equity Growth

    A Lockwood home on property you own can appreciate just as a site-built home does.

  • Flexibility

    You're free to choose the land you want and to site your home to the best advantage.

A Land Home Package provides you with superb value for money, there is no need to search for a section, and you can be assured that Lockwood Design & Construction will acquire the land for you at the best possible price.

Best of all, not only do you get the convenience of a Land Home Package, you can still choose your own personal touches for your new home. For example, you can still alter almost anything to suit your requirements, including modifying the floor plan, choosing colors, fabrics, fixtures, and fittings, so you certainly won't be missing out on home customization.

Have a lot? That’s a great start!

We will work with you to land your desired new home design on a property of your choosing, or we can provide one of our predesigned packages to start raising your new place from the ground up. If you already own a lot or are looking for one, we can help and assist with that to ensure your lot will work with the home you would like to build.

Don’t have a lot? No trouble at all.

Our predesigned packages provide the ideal combination of pad and parcel with the conventional financing options and flexible benefits that you’ve been looking for.

Financing is an easy process for developing a new home with our Spec Home options. With our predefined build phasing, we will be able to effectively draw down the payments for each finished phase of construction, which will greatly simplify the payment process for your dream home down the road. Our packaged deals also give you many of the same benefits as if you bought a prebuilt home, with all of the manufacturers and builders warranties included in your purchase.

Coming Soon

The Oakmont model at Spruce Pines Estates on a 1+ acre lot for $459,000, conveniently located on Cave Neck Road in Milton, Delaware. Email [email protected] to learn more!