Commercial Construction Building Process

Undertaking the construction of a new commercial venture can be a daunting process at first, but with Lockwood’s years of experience and expertise at hand, we have the potential to streamline the progress of your new development.

Our goal is to design-assist you in proceeding with your investment with total confidence. Designing, studying, developing and organizing your project is no longer a mountain to trek, but a hill to stroll over with Lockwood leading the way.

We Make Our Process Easy On You

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With a team of skilled craftsman and architects, the vision of your project doesn’t need to stay behind a wall. We carefully examine the details of your design by estimating cost, analyzing project feasibility, constituting architectural designs, and assembling all of the data and paperwork you require to get things going.

  • Feasibility Studies: We analyze the feasible practicality and potential of the proposal, and then review that data with you to help advise your next movement forward.
  • Architectural Design: Our architects define the shape and structure of your project, down to the exact patterns and sizes that will give it the character you desire. Everything that makes your design will be creatively funneled into this process.
  • Cost Estimation & Evaluations: The scope and size of a project stand as fundamental information when it comes to developing any piece of real estate. We can evaluate and collect the statistical information needed to create a realistically accurate budget for your plan.
  • Contract Finalization: Once all of the proper paperwork regarding design, zoning, and bid prospects have been collected to define the scope and staging of your endeavor, we will process all of it forward to begin work on your project.