The Custom Home Building Process

new-home-construction-lockwoodOur Custom Home Building Process is much more than just the construction of your new home. With our years of experience, our knowledge of the local area and long-term commitment to customer service has helped us to master the home building process. From start to finish our process puts your needs, tastes and lifestyle at the forefront of your new home’s construction. We’ll be there with you through every step of the process.

When you are building a custom home, it’s important to understand everything that is involved. Our staff is very experienced in all areas of the construction process. From the initial design phase, to pre-construction and the actual construction of your home, you’ll be in good hands.

Are your plans pre-selected? What’s your ideal style of home? Have you defined your budget, and do you have financing prepared for this venture?

These are some of the many questions that we will answer in our initial meeting when we begin defining what your dream home will be.

Our goal during this planning phase is to narrow down what you really want to see in your new home. Alongside our experienced architects and agents this process will be efficient and relaxing for you.

We Make Our Process Easy On You

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design-and-discovery-for-lockwood-custom-homesThis is one of the most exciting steps in the process. We will work one-on-one with you to understand your ideas and dreams of your custom home, collaborating and making sure it fits within your budget. Our team will take those ideas and make your project come to life.

pre-construction-lockwoodDuring this phase, we will have a project manager guide you through the material selection process, while we take care of submitting and processing all permits and paperwork. You will also meet with our supply partners to shop for your allowance based items. You’ll get excited knowing that the next phase is your custom home being built!

construction-with-lockwoodDuring this phase, your dreams and ideas start to become reality! With our plan in place and construction team assembled, we begin by focusing our efforts on building a sturdy foundation and precise layout. When the pieces are all put together and our inspections ensure that we are at and above our standard of perfection, the final details will fall right into place for completion. Our diverse team of painters, drywall experts, plumbing affiliates and carpenters begin to fine tune all of the different aspects that will make your project your home.

model-homes-in-delaware Thanks to our thorough process, we have brought to you a complete final product; a place for you to call home for years to come. As a member of the Lockwood family, you have the support of a company that you can trust to provide the assistance you may need when you need it and protect you with service offers, repairs, and follow-ups.