Your primary goal at the beginning of any conceptual phase is identifying whether or not the plans you wish to incorporate into the progress of this development are up to standard and qualified for a continuance.

Allow us to analyze your strategy and guarantee that all of the hang-ups stay on the coat rack.

Bringing your project off the ground requires an assortment of research, data, and careful analysis before commencement. To ensure that every aspect of this new endeavor is carefully accounted for, you need to submit all of the proper information to the right places and people. This is yet another service that we offer that simplifies the process for you.

Conceptual Approvals

Here are just a few of the different Submittal Services that we offer

Cost Estimation & Evaluations

The scope and size of any project stands as fundamental information when it comes to developing any piece of real estate. We can collect and evaluate the statistical information needed to create a realistic and confident budget for your plan.

Bid Phase Management

While bidding on a project can be time consuming and troublesome for some developers, we are able to streamline the process in order to facilitate any commercial and residential development plan. Limitless uses a calculated method to ease the burdens of bidding, simply and effectively.

Constructability & Stability Reviews

During the pre-construction phase it is absolutely crucial to cover all of your bases in ensuring that your project is structurally sound. As a seasoned developer and contractor, Limitless Consulting takes pride in our capability to accurately gauge the durability of a conceptual project.

Contract Negotiation

If your job requires a more hands on experience in the field, then our experts can help. Our company utilizes the knowledge held by our staff to provide backing for you to push forward.

Final Approvals

In order to clear the path for your project you must submit a complete final approval, showing that you meet all of the requirements that are addressed in our local permitting process.

Out of all of the phases before construction commencement you don’t want to get held back here.

A few of our processional services at this stage are listed below:

Contract Cost Review

Every penny that goes into bringing your vision to reality should be accounted for, and matter. With carefully mediated accounting, we can ensure that all of the funds toward your project are in plain view.

Construction Approval Submittal/Transferals

To further expedite the process of getting things moving, we provide processing assistant services to help you move things along. Your development goals can be reached in half the time with such a convenient service at your disposal.

Municipality Approvals

Limitless and our parent company, Lockwood Design and Construction, pride ourselves in our relationship with Sussex County and Milton, Delaware. Our familiarity with southern Delaware’s civic structure allows us to easily cooperate with civil accordance’s and streamline procedure for a quick and easy approval system.

Commencement can seem far away when you’re looking at your goal through a mile of red tape, but with the qualifications of our staff and our ability to handle delegated hold backs you can safely assure that we will get you over the hill and on to the next big move for your project.